4 EASY STEPS to get your MBTI type without taking a test

4 EASY STEPS to get your MBTI type without taking a test

An official MBTI test can be as expensive as $200 and unofficial MBTI tests as low as $0, but does it really mean it’s reliable?

There are plenty of type tests ranging from $200 to no cost at all. But is it really worth the time and effort, though? Most of those tests will most likely confuse you and make you start answering questions in-authentically, even the free ones! If you want to know your personality type, continue reading below and discover for yourself.


We humans, tend to have different moods every day.

One day you will be typed as ENFP while the other day you will be typed as INFP or ENTP

Most type tests disregard the fact that people tend to go through daily mood swings. The tests offer hypothetical, scenario-based questions, that will alter your result depending on what has happened from past personal experience or present feeling. Maybe you feel generous and loving today and test as an ENFP; tomorrow you might feel a bit savage and type as an ENTP. One letter can make a whole difference, which is why the process of discovering your own type is more than just question and answers.


An MBTI Personality Type only has 16 types based on 4 preferences.

4*4 = 16

Basic maths right? But why do all the type tests have 25, 41 or more questions? The more questions there are the more inaccurate your outcome will be since you will be more likely to give ‘incorrect’ answers. By incorrect I mean incorrect according to your true personality type. The majority of the population tend to try to answer the questions ‘correctly’ as if there is a ‘right’, or ‘wrong’ answer. Of course, this is what we were taught at schools!

There are 16 MBTI Personality Types based on 4 dominant trait, yet these poorly made type tests have more than double or triple the amount of types. The long repetitive questions makes you answer as if there is a right or wrong answer, rather than what you know is right. This flaw will most likely lead you to a resulted type that is not true.


A more accurate way to find out your MBTI type than taking a test

Of course, the following method is not guaranteed to be 100% correct for everybody. In fact, there is no completely precise way to type someone at all, even the official test. But this 4 question method is the easiest way and in my experience this method is 80-90% of the time correct. By sticking to the foundations of MBTI, I can guarantee you that you will be able to discover your real and authentic personality type. These 4 questions will tell you each dominant trait that will form your personality type. Although I cannot say myself that this will give each individual their exact type, I must conclude that it is definitely more efficient and accurate than most type tests online.

So with that being said…

The easiest way to type yourself is by sticking to the foundations of the MBTI Instrument: 4 questions that each will give you a letter that resembles your preference, to form your 4-letter MBTI Personality Type.

  • Pick 1 letter per question.
  • In a 50/50 case: take the most preferred, even though it’s just by a hair.

NOTE: This test will not be as reliable as the Cognitive Functions Test – but it is likely to be more reliable than an Official MBTI Test and definitely less time-consuming.


1. Where do you get your energy from?



???? Through social interaction.

Act first, then think. Easily distracted and thinks out loud. Usually has a lot of friends.




???? Through solitude.

Think first, then act. Focused and reserved. Thinks to one’s self. Usually has a few close friends.


 2. What do you trust more?



???? My 5 senses.

Practical, concrete, and realistic. Prefers real experiences and lives in the moment.




???? My instinct.

Theoretical, abstract, and imaginative. Prefers creative ideas and lives for the future.


 3. How do you make decisions?



 ❤ Based on feelings and emotion.

Harmonious and righteous. Follows gut-feeling. Has a warm appearance.




⚙ Based on logic and facts.

Honest and direct. Looks at the pro’s and con’s. Has a cold appearance.


 4. What kind of lifestyle do you prefer?



???? Having an open-ended schedule.

Perceiving: “Last-minute” person. Values flexibility. Likes to start things more than finishing them.




???? Having a planned-out schedule.

Judging: Wants things to be decided ahead of time. Values organization. Likes to finish things more than starting them.


16 possible MBTI type results

To confirm whether your result is accurate or not, you can read the strengths and weaknesses of every type in the links below:


Don’t know your type yet? Try the more advanced Cognitive Functions Test – Guaranteed accuracy!


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