Mariah Carey - ESFJ

Mariah Carey – ESFJ

  • Singer-songwriter

Quotes on Mariah Carey – ESFJ

Mariah: “Never, never listen to anybody that try to discourage you.”

Mariah: “There is a light at the end of the tunnel… hopefully its not a freight train!”

Mariah: “One day I promised God that if he would give me my voice back I would never smoke again. I got three octaves back after quitting.”

Mariah: “I do not think I reinvent myself. Wearing my hair differently or changing my style of dress is playing dress-up. I don’t take it too seriously.”

Mariah: “I try not to be a jerk. I really do. I try to be nice and cordial.”

Mariah: “But I think I’m a nice friend and a good person, and I try to do my work as best I can.”

Mariah: “If you see me as just the princess then you misunderstand who I am and what I have been through.”


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