Seungri - ESTP

Seungri – ESTP

  • KPOP artist of “BIGBANG”
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Actor

Quotes on Seungri – ESTP

Lee Seung-hyun: “Lots of people will contact me on Friday night, male and female. Everyone likes me because it’s always a fun time being with me. I’m the life of the party, really. It doesn’t matter the situation because I’ll always bring the mood up.”

Lee Seung-hyun: “It doesn’t matter as long as you’re there to enjoy the atmosphere. How else am I an entertainer?”

Lee Seung-hyun: “Reality is that even if you come out with a really good song, all will go to waste without good promotion.”

Lee Seung-hyun: “I’m the only member of the team that seeks to do pop music. I want to do music that anyone can like and enjoy.”

Lee Seung-hyun: “For me, how the person with me feels is more important than how I feel. I like making people around me feel happy.”


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 “BIGBANG: Special Edition | Still Alive” by BIGBANG

“BIGBANG: Special Edition | Still Alive” by YG Entertainment.

1. Still Alive | 2. Monster | 3. Feeling | 4. Fantastic Baby | 5. Bad Boy | 6. Blue | 7. Bingle Bingle (빙글빙글) | 8. Ego | 9. Love Dust (사랑 먼지)

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 “VVIP” by Seungri

“VVIP” by Seungri

1. VVIP | 2. 어쩌라고 | 3. 창문을 열어 (FEAT. G-DRAGON) | 4. MAGIC | 5. I KNOW (WITH. 아이유) | 6. WHITE LOVE | 7. OUTRO (IN MY WORLD)

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