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Faker – INTJ

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Lee Sang-Hyeok: “There aren’t any champions that are particularly difficult to manage. It all depends on how familiar you are with that champion, how much you’ve practiced.”

Lee Sang-Hyeok: “I’d bring Zilean into the real world. Use his ‘E’ skill to win marathons and earn all the money. Then use his ultimate whenever I die to come back to life and be immortal.”

Lee Sang-Hyeok: “You just have to not feed.”

Lee Sang-Hyeok: “Recently, I have been under-performing. But I’m confident that from now on… I can be the greatest again.”

Lee Sang-Hyeok: “My personality is that I usually just say what needs to be said.”

Lee Sang-Hyeok: “I guess you can say I became the best, but I don’t think I’m that great yet.”

Lee Sang-Hyeok: “There aren’t any absolute winners in LoL. I need to work even harder in the future.”


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“Faker’s Best Plays | LoL Pro Series” by MachinimaVS

Faker's Best Plays | LoL Pro Series

Lee Sang-hyeok was not only the Hot6iX Champions Summer 2013 MVP but the mid lane KDA leader as well.

He and SKT1 have recently secured the final spot for the World’s, this episode is just a taste of what we can expect from September 15th.

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