G-Dragon - INTJ

G-Dragon – INTJ

  • KPOP artist of ‘BIGBANG’
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Fashion icon
  • Rapper

Quotes on G-Dragon – INTJ

Kwon Ji-yong: “Kill them with success and bury them with a big smile”

Kwon Ji-yong: “What we should really fear is not failure but the heart that is no longer brave enough to take risks and embrace challenges”

Kwon Ji-yong: “I want to show my true self, not how I want to be seen by others.”

Kwon Ji-yong: “It’s better to be hated than ignored.”

Kwon Ji-yong: “I’m the most comfortable when I’m at home resting doing nothing. I feel the most myself when I’m with music.”


Quotes about G-Dragon – INTJ

 “BIGBANG: Special Edition | Still Alive” by BIGBANG

“BIGBANG: Special Edition | Still Alive” by YG Entertainment.

1. Still Alive | 2. Monster | 3. Feeling | 4. Fantastic Baby | 5. Bad Boy | 6. Blue | 7. Bingle Bingle (빙글빙글) | 8. Ego | 9. Love Dust (사랑 먼지)

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 “One of a Kind (Bronze Edition)” by G-Dragon

“One of a Kind (Bronze Edition)” by GD

1. One of a Kind | 2. Crayon | 3. In the End | 4. That XX | 5. Missing You (Featuring Kim Yuna of Jaurim) | 6. Today (Featuring Kim Jong-Wan of Nell) | 7. Set/Light It on Fire or Try to Set It on Fire

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