Taeyang - INFJ

Taeyang – INFJ

  • KPOP artist of ‘BIGBANG’
  • Singer-songwriter

Quotes on Taeyang – INFJ

Dong Young-bae: “You’re speaking coldly towards me but why is it that my heart isn’t getting cold at all? Is it because your heart is saying something else? Is it because there’s something else you’re hoping that I’ll hear? So tell me the real reason. Why are you doing this? I’ll become your strength. I have the confidence to do that.”

Dong Young-bae: “Rather than becoming the best, I want to become a singer with meaning.”

Dong Young-bae: “I’ve thought about how it will make things easier for you. But I can’t do that because more than my emotions, the future of Fresh Men is more important. Because more than my pride, my friends are more precious.”

Dong Young-bae: “Without even knowing, a person goes around scattering their heart. That’s why if you’re with a smiling person, you end up smiling with them.”


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 “BIGBANG: Special Edition | Still Alive” by BIGBANG

“BIGBANG: Special Edition | Still Alive” by YG Entertainment.

1. Still Alive | 2. Monster | 3. Feeling | 4. Fantastic Baby | 5. Bad Boy | 6. Blue | 7. Bingle Bingle (빙글빙글) | 8. Ego | 9. Love Dust (사랑 먼지)

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 “Rise” by Taeyang

“Rise” (Second Album) by Taeyang

1. Intro(Rise) | 2. Eyes, nose, mouth (눈,코,입) | 3. 1 AM (새벽한시) | 4. Stay With Me (feat. G-dragon Of Bigbang) | 5. Beautiful | 6. Ringa Ringa | 7. This is not it (이게 아닌데) | 8. Throw it away (버리고) | 9. Love You To Death

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