Daymond John - ISTJ

Daymond John – ISTJ

  • CEO of ‘FUBU’
  • Television personality
  • Investor at ‘Shark Tank’
  • Investor

Quotes on Daymond John – ISTJ

Daymond: “I’ve learned, like with anything else, business is only as good as your connections and your resources. And some of the resources that I have are the fact that I work with huge artists.”

Daymond: “Life is a cruel teacher. She loves to give you the test first and the lesson later.”

Daymond: “Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.

Daymond: “If you don’t educate yourself, you’ll never get out of the starting block because you’ll spend all your money making foolish decisions.”

Daymond: “I’m a big advocate of financial intelligence.”

Daymond: “Mentors, by far, are the most important aspects of businesses.”

Daymond: “I value an entrepreneur I can get behind and trust, because I know they are attempting to move forward in life.”

Daymond: “I consider each business investment based on concept and revenue.”

Daymond: “Most brands started from a strong base and kept a strong belief.”

Daymond: “If I invest in a CEO, I need him or her to have experience in sales.”


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