Anthony Kiedis - ENTP

Anthony Kiedis – ENTP

  • Singer of ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’

Quotes on Anthony Kiedis – ENTP

Kiedis: “You know I love pot, and I love beer, but I am totally sober, just because it completely stopped working for me.”

Kiedis: “What doesn’t kill you only makes your book longer.”

Kiedis: “In terms of having high hopes that the level of consciousness will get higher and higher, yeah.”

Kiedis: “Now I can look back and say I actually like the upbringing I had and my father was very attentive and a great educator.”

Kiedis: “I don’t even know what words to use to talk about the music industry anymore. But the business has changed a lot – the methods of releasing music.”

Kiedis: “I think art is inherently nonviolent and it actually occupies your mind with creation rather than destruction.”

Kiedis: “I inherited my father’s insatiable desire to meet all the beautiful girls in the world.”


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