About FamousTypes.com

When I was younger, I have always followed the principle: “Treat someone how you want to be treated”. It sounds reasonable. However, it didn’t always work out – it sometimes led to disappointment from both sides. I was assuming that other people think the same as I do. Because “Why wouldn’t they? If I can think like this, then anyone can!” I’d think.

One day, when attending a training from a sales company I was working for, a topic about ‘4 personality types’ was presented to me. The theory itself was very generalized and optimized especially for sales, instead of personal discovery and development like the MBTI instrument. But it was this idea of people being ‘different’ in their values and needs, which apparently, was systematically measurable and able to predict their desires based on their personality type. 

This discovery made me very curious and interested in learning more about personality types – so I could competently understand how and why people are different from me, as well as learning more about myself. I went on google and searched for: “Personality types”, and found a website called ‘PersonalityPage.com’ – which was my very first exposure to the MBTI test.

The MBTI test turned from just enthusiasm and curiosity, into a passion. I’ve started to join Facebook groups and forums in order to gather information from knowledgeable people regarding MBTI or either to observe and social experiment to enhance my own knowledge and insight. I  went to tell all of my friends about this and trying to type them – often typed inaccurately but became more accurate by time and practice. I had even started a dutch website called “16Persoonlijkheden.nl” – with the goal of spreading the word to the dutch people, since it was so small there was not even a single dutch MBTI website yet.

My curiosity about people and MBTI was just endless. At this point, I was pretty much typing almost everyone; both people I already knew and people I just met. There were certainly a lot of people who just find the MBTI personality test plain stupid – of course, but by this time I was already understanding and accepting different opinions and views much better than before.

But what I found most intriguing, was that there were also a lot of people who were just as fascinated by the MBTI test as I was when I first saw it. I have received many positive reactions after someone saw their MBTI type description. Some of them even stated, that if they had found out about the MBTI test much sooner, they wouldn’t have wasted many years of studying a subject that were not fit for them or they just don’t like – but did not know any better alternative.

I’m a big optimistic believer in the idea of everything being possible as long as there is a will for it. Realistically, this is only to a certain extent. But with the help of knowing your strengths and weaknesses, one can grow and develop themselves in order to become the best version of themselves. Additionally, knowing which – already successful – famous person who has a similar personality type as yourself, it is a great way to comprehend what could be your highest potential.

And so, the birth of FamousTypes.com – to inspire people to find the best in themselves. Because “Why can’t I? If Mark Twain, who is also an ENFP like I am, can become a famous writer, then I can too.”